Our story

Kaabo started in 2013. In this year, we feel the changes that the new transportation will bring to short-distance transportation. These new vehicles include electric unicycles, electric balance vehicles, electric scooters and various intelligent new folding vehicles.

In the process of progress, we gradually focus on electric scooters, because scooters are the most traffic-carrying type of such products, while other models are more or less entertaining. The mobility attributes of electric scooters determine the size of the market. Facts have proved that our judgment is correct.

Since 2016, the electric scooter market has become increasingly competitive. In this process, we also judge that the high-power high-strength power electric scooter belongs to the blue ocean market, and there are not many manufacturers on the market. In this context, we gradually determined to focus on "high-power" electric scooters. Gradually launched a series of high-power electric scooters such as Qibu War Wolf. High-power electric scooters have gained huge market feedback in the market, and soon won orders and partners from more than 30 countries.

After 7 years of development, Kaabo has accumulated more than 25 patents, especially in terms of how to maintain the stability and safety of the vehicle under high speed and long battery life. We have obtained a lot of practical data to ensure the quality of the product. In 2020, because of the epidemic in the world, people in many countries are cautious about choosing public transportation. Electric scooters are a good choice for personal travel. We uphold the goal of providing excellent products around the world, with environmental protection, safety and portability as the product vision, hoping to bring Kaabo's riding fun to more and more people.