Safety & Maintenance

To ensure your safety and prevent your scooter from any damage, please follow the important guidelines below when riding and maintaining your Kaabo Electric Scooter.


  • Keep wheels on the ground at all times
  • Jumping a scooter may result in damage, injury or even death
  • Derestricting the speed limit is for use on private property only
  • Derestricting the speed limit may overheat and damage components which is not covered by warranty


  • All Kaabo Electric Scooters feature a zero start. This means the scooter will take off as soon as the throttle is pulled without needing to push off first. Be very mindful not to activate the throttle when not riding. Instructions for turning the zero start mode off are in your owners manual.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding. 
  • Do not ride in the rain or any wet conditions. This is unsafe to do and your Kaabo scooter can become damaged from water ingress.
  • Kaabo Electric Scooters are designed to be ridden by only one person at a time.


  • Use only the charger supplied with the scooter, or one purchased from an Authorised Reseller, to charge your Kaabo electric scooter.
  • When using 2 chargers, they must both be the exact same 2A charger
  • When using a 4A fast Charger, you must only use one charger
  • You must not use a 4A and 2A charger to charge a scooter at the same time
  • Don't leave the electric scooter charging unattended


  • Wipe the shell with a soft cloth to clean the electric scooter.
  • Never clean your electric scooter with water. This may cause permanent damage of the electronic devices in the circuit board, and will void all warranties.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly an inflate as needed.
  • If you plan on not using your scooter for a period of more than a month, charge your electric scooter before this storage period. This will prevent the battery from being discharged for too long, which can cause permanent damage to the battery. Charge the battery at least once every two months.
  • Do not charge the battery in an environment where the temperature is lower than 0°C or higher than 30°C.
  • Store the electric scooter in a suitable place indoors. A dry and dust free environment is required.
  • DO NOT unscrew or tamper with any parts of your electric scooter. Only allow authorised repair centres to perform servicing on the Kaabo scooter. Any modifications to the scooter will void the warranty.
  • For any repairs and servicing, please visit an Authorised Kaabo Repair Centre. You will find these listed on our Stockists page HERE.