The fastest electric scooter: Kaabo Wolf King GT

on October 28, 2021

It was not too long ago when we were excited to share the news about the latest Kaabo model arriving at Kaabo Australia, Kaabo Wolf King GT. Today we are even more excited to share some great information about this new, and soon to be, legendary beast.

The Kaabo Wolf King GT has just won the 2021 titles of the "Fastest Production Scooter on the Planet" and "The scooter with the longest tested range", appointments that were in the "deck" of the previous models, the Wolf Warrior 11 and Wolf King.

These titles were awarded and backed up by Electric Scooter Guide. This unbiased authority is a leader in genuine and rigorous electric scooter reviews to help people spread truthful information about the electric scooters in the market.

Ok, let's stop the marketing gibberish and concentrate on what is important, the great update that makes the Kaabo Wolf King GT.

Top Speed

When you think you could go faster in a high-performance electric scooter, Kaabo proves you were wrong. The Fastest Production Scooter on the Planet title is supported by the impressive tested top speed this scooter can reach of 98.1 km/h, overcoming the 94 km/ h of the previous number #1 the Nami Burn-E Viper.


We know acceleration is not all when it comes to an electric scooter. The range of these gadgets is also one of the main features to look up. After a rigorous test, the Kaabo Wolf King GT also amazed us but did not surprise us with the record of 88.5 km range, 59% more than the previous winner, the Kaabo King.

On top of this, this high-performance scooter is also equipped with an exceptional hydraulic brake system, which will allow you to stop from 24.1 Km/h in just 3 meters.



Thanks to the dual stem and the bigger wheels, the Wolf King GT offers a stable and safer ride. These two elements allow the scooter to distribute your weight better, eliminating any wobble that can be present in other high-performance models. 


Throttle control

Moving forward, other great features to mention on the Wolf King GT are the thumb throttle and sine wave controllers, which in simple terms will offer a smooth and quiet ride even in the highest performance modes, two things which are hard to achieve in this type of electric scooter.



When it comes to high-performance electric scooters, it has always been a common pain for taller and bigger riders when talking about the design and length of the bar and handlebars. The majority of models in the market are made 96.5 cm tall, which result in a not comfortable ride if you are a tall person.

However, the Wolf King GT has a more extended bar, making 101.6 cm long, a slight numeric difference that makes a giant difference in your body and your ride.


Water resistance

Water resistance has been a much requested feature for Kaabo to implement in their scooters. The Wolf King GT took the task a little bit further, upgrading the water resistance to IPX5 certification, which will give you peace of mind when riding in the rain or over puddles. As we always recommend, the best option is to avoid water; like any other electric device, electric scooters are not entirely waterproof.


World Best Display

Lastly, but no less important, is the display on the Wolf King GT, which also granted the title of the World’s Best Electric Scooter Display. What makes it so unique is that the dashboard is also water-resistant. It allows you to choose and program the gear of your preference. It shows you complete and vital data of your ride and is easily visible even in really sunny conditions, thanks to its bright light. 



The Wolf King GT is a temptation and perfect excuse if you want to upgrade and take your ride to another level. Fastest production scooter ever, longest range ever tested, best high-speed stability, etc., are not just words but absolute facts.

If you are still unsure what you can get with this high-performance electric scooter, contact our team that can provide you with the best advice to ensure this is the perfect model that will fit your demanding needs.