Electric Scooter Accessories You Must Have

on September 02, 2021

 Electric scooter rider

Whether you are an amateur or a professional rider, you need to own these accessories which either will keep you safe and sound or upgrade your ride to boost the full power of your Kaabo electric scooter. Here’s our top 5 accessories you must have: 


Starting at $69.99 AUD a good Kaabo charger can change the way you use your electric scooter. Kaabo 1.4A Wolf King 11 72V charger, for instance, will serve you as a backup to keep in in your car, so you no longer should be worried in case you forget your charger at home.

Another great gadget is the Kaabo 60V 4A Fast Charger, this accessory will reduce the charging time which will give more time riding and less time charging. This device is compatible with all the 60V models of Kaabo Mantis and Wolf Warrior electric scooters. 

Remember to always use genuine Kaabo chargers to ensure you maintain the level of your battery. To see the available full range of Kaabo electric chargers just click HERE. 


Air Pump

Keeping the right pressure on your tyres will enhance your ride as your tyres can perform a better job. As we have mentioned before looking after your tyres is a great way to maintain the full condition of your Kaabo electric scooter. Therefore, owning a quality and precise air pump is the way to achieve this. 

With one-touch inflation the Electric Scooter Portable Air Pump will give you the right pressure, ensuring your tyres will run perfectly. This device is suitable for all kinds of pneumatic tyres. 



You already own an expensive and desirable item, what is the minimum you could do to keep it safe when you park it in public spaces? Simple, keep it secure with a proper lock. 

In the market there are plenty of heavy-duty lock options, we chose some of our favourites according to their main features and execution. 

Etook Folding Lock ET490L, for instance, is a heavy-duty steel lock, this will keep the eyes and hands of jealous thieves away. It is also completely resistant to drills, saws, and grinders. Another great option is the Etook Cable Look ET461, this heat-treated cable lock in is conveniently designed to give a fast operation while also keeping the scooter fully protected. 

Still not sure if this is what are you after? No problem, check the other options available on our Online Store Page. 


Certified Helmet

An unmissable item you cannot ignore before you take off riding is always to wear a proper helmet. This smart action will change the impact received by your skull and brain in case of an accident. Not to mention that wearing a helmet is also required by law. 

As you probably know, Kaabo electric scooters can achieve impressive speeds, this is the reason why a motorcycle or e-bike helmet should be the go for when choosing a helmet. 



Are you a super fan of the best electric scooter in the market? Why not display that love by owning a Kaabo Wolf Warrior t-shirt. Made from pure cotton and printed in high-quality staple, this piece will be your loudspeaker to let people know your love for adrenaline and power. 

To explore more accessories and parts available to lift your electric scooter and your ride, just click here. 

If you would like to get better advice from our professional Kaabo Team on helping you to choose the right product, just ask us here.