Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black
Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black

    Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter | Black

    $4,199.00 $4,499.00

      Kaabo Mantis King GT | Black

      The all-new 2022 Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter hits Australia late October! Stay tuned for pre-orders opening September.

      Kaabo is known for making the very best, performance electric scooters and has won more awards for their scooters than any other brand. They have managed to do this whilst giving their loyal fan base more bang for their buck, and packing power, precision, and incredible ride quality into each of their models.

      When we started work on a new Mantis design in early 2021, we were expecting something very special to come out of the meticulously planned 18-month R&D journey. The result is the all-new 2022 Kaabo Mantis King GT….and in every single aspect, the Mantis King GT has exceeded our expectations.

      The Kaabo Mantis King GT is agile, exhilarating, supremely comfortable, and oh so enjoyable to ride whether on a short commute to work or a long-distance weekend venture. It comes packed with all the amazing tech and power that has made the Kaabo Wolf King GT the world’s favourite High-Performance Electric Scooter, but it packs all this into a more compact, portable and agile package…making it ideal for the serious commuter or weekend adventurer.

      All the qualities of the classic Mantis were reinvented for the next generation of riders.

      What makes every Kaabo Mantis a joy to ride is the design and structure of the frame. They are beautifully balanced scooters, and always give the rider the feeling of being in complete control. Whilst some performance scooters feel like they are taking you on the ride, the DNA of the Mantis always gives the rider the feeling of being in full control.

      The intuitive handling, its ability to cut into corners effortlessly whilst keeping your body in perfect alignment, the intentional stem flex, and the perfectly ergonomic deck to align your feet in the most natural position, all contribute to the Mantis being the one scooter that serious riders keep coming back to.

      Nothing compares to the experience of riding a Kaabo Mantis, and the King GT version takes that experience to a whole new level, with an array of incredible upgrades and brand-new features.

      New Key Features
      Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension: The first of its kind in this category of electric scooter, the Mantis King GT sports motorcycle-style hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable built-in dampers. You can adjust the suspension at the twist of a knob, allowing you to easily stiffen or soften the ride in a matter of seconds. It is difficult to describe just how good the suspension is on this scooter, but it is the first time we have test-ridden a scooter that delivers ultimate comfort without taking away from the ‘feel’ of the riding experience. The result when riding the Mantis King GT is that you feel like you are riding a scooter that is an extension of your natural movements.

      Twin 30A Sine-wave Controllers: The introduction of twin 30A sine-wave controllers is a game-changer for electric scooter enthusiasts. For the first time, you now have a scooter that delivers mind-blowing acceleration (0-30 km/h in less than 2 seconds), yet eliminates jolting at lower speeds. All this can now be achieved without even having to change gears.

      3.5” TFT Display: This all-new super-bright and clear display is custom built for Kaabo. It displays all sorts of data, including speed, battery capacity, full odometer readings, and even the time! The mobile-phone inspired display is bright and clear enough to be easily readable even on sunny days, and is aesthetically pleasing as the focal point of your ride.

      Thumb Throttle: The thumb throttle (as found on the Wolf King GT), is a delightful addition to this new Mantis. Maintaining seamless and jolt-free acceleration, the intuitive thumb throttle allows for your fingers to always remain within the immediate grasp of the brakes.

      Highly Water-Resistant: Your Mantis King GT can be ridden without a worry; rain, hail or shine. You can even use a garden hose to wash it off after your adventure, with its IPX5 water-resistant rating.

      Safety First: In our tests, the Kaabo Mantis comes to a dead stop from 25km/h a full 50cm shorter than its next nearest rival. This is down to the combination of its dual hydraulic Zoom brakes, responsive braking system, hybrid tyres, and that incredible hydraulic suspension that helps the tyres gain traction in an emergency-stopping situation.

      Comprehensive Lighting: You are going to want to ride the Mantis King GT 24/7, so we've equipped this scooter with the best lighting system we have seen on an electric scooter. The headlight is a bright high-mounted lamp, which provides the rider clear visibility up to 150m, and around 20m on either side. The deck-mounted front and rear lights are also incredibly bright, provide more near-range visibility for the rider, and importantly light the scooter up to oncoming and following traffic. The in-built LED swag lights are not only aesthetically beautiful but do also provide more visibility of the scooter at night. These can be colour-adjusted using the LED light app.

      More Foot Space: We have lengthened the deck on the Mantis King GT by around 4cm, and have redesigned the rear footrest. Combined, this makes the scooter perfect for anyone with a shoe size of 9 or greater, and just as importantly provides the perfect ergonomics for smooth cornering, and fast acceleration, as your feet just naturally find the ‘racing’ position every time.

      Dual Charging Ports: We have introduced a new style of charging port for the Mantis King GT model. The two front-mounted charging ports allow for the Mantis King GT to be charged from flat in around 6 hours, with the two (supplied) chargers. The charger connections are unique to this model, which is a key safety feature to prevent the wrong (or uncertified) chargers from being accidentally used to charge the scooter. The charging ports also come with patented waterproof magnetised covers, which automatically spring closed when you remove the charging cables.

      Class-leading Folding Mechanism: We have spent a lot of time perfecting the folding mechanism. In the past, the Mantis’ folding mechanism has been its Achilles heel, so Kaabo has taken an axe to the old design and reinvented what is undoubtedly the best folding mechanism we have ever seen on a single-stem electric scooter. The double-clasp clamp is firm and has a satisfying (and reassuring) ‘click’ when secured in the upright position. This is then backed up with a button safety latch to ensure it can never loosen when being ridden. To fold the stem is a simple 2-second manoeuvre, and the stem then latches nicely into a pin on the rear fender for easy carrying.

      Highest Quality Samsung Battery: The top-end 21000mAh cells in the 60v Samsung battery give the Mantis King GT a whopping real-world range of up to 90km on a single charge. This range is based on a 70kg rider in single motor mode on flat terrain. In our tests, our 78kg test rider managed to get 64km on a single charge in dual motor switching between gears 4 & 5 on undulating terrain. That’s as good as any other similarly priced electric scooter we’ve ever tested. The battery quality is so good that even when the juice runs down to below 10%, there is no drop-off in performance. The battery range is accurately displayed on the TFT screen, so unexpectedly running out of charge when on a long ride is highly unlikely.

      Digital Security Lock: You don’t want anyone pinching your pride and joy, so we've installed a digital security lock on the display. Set your own PIN and the scooter won’t start until it is satisfied you are the rightful owner!

      Dual Power: The dual 1100w motors only tell half the story here. Nowadays, the motor power is less relevant as the quality of the controller and electronics are what really give the scooter the power and acceleration required to effortlessly conquer hills. Needless to say, the Mantis King GT will effortlessly drag a 120kg rider up almost any urban hill.

      Build Quality: The chassis is built from a single-piece aerospace-grade aluminium, with no welding. This provides a robust and lightweight frame, allowing us to approve this scooter for a rider of up to 150kgs weight to enjoy this ride. That said, we would still recommend that a rider of 120kgs+ will find the Wolf Warrior King GT a better choice than the Mantis.

      Who did we craft the Mantis King GT for?
      Any scooter worthy of carrying the Grand Touring (GT) label, should be a top-of-the-range performer and is not going to be suitable for the first-time rider. Indeed, the Kaabo Mantis King GT is going to suit an intermediate to experienced rider, who is looking for a sublime riding experience, coupled with the latest tech to keep that grin on your face for the entire journey.

      You will get the most out of this scooter if you are relatively agile, weigh below 120kgs and are capable of handling a powerful, responsive scooter. There is no doubt that anyone who has ridden a previous Mantis model (or a similar type of performance commuter scooter) will absolutely fall in love with the Mantis King GT, and will fully appreciate the beauty of what we have achieved with this incredible electric scooter.