The First Core technology

From the perspective of safety and efficiency, the structural improvement of the folding of the vehicle, the folding of the handle, and the impact of the vehicle tube in different working environments has been greatly improved, which has greatly increased the portability and reliability of the product. (At present, this technology has obtained invention and practical patents.)

Handle folding design improvement

Improvement of the structure design of the main vehicle tube

Improvement of folding structure design

The common folding structure on the market is the contact buckle fixing, which is very inconvenient to fold and the contacts (point-to-point contact) are unbalanced from the strength point of view, making it very easy to fall of and cause injuries. The current structure uses a connecting sleeve to keep them connected, so the inner wall of the connecting sleeve gets in contact with the outer wall of the fixed handle and the connecting piece in order to fix the connection between the handle and the connecting piece ( face to face contact, increasing the strength of the connection ) making the handle even more steady. When the main vehicle tube got bumped or broken, it’s going to be subjected to an impact at front or in the back. In order to fix it, we have provided a groove on the outer wall of the main vehicle tube that penetrates the buffer fixing block. The rotation of the fixing block and the rotating shaft acts as an inertial buffer to reduce the loss of the vehicle tube. Nowadays, the folding device of the electric scooter available at the market is not easy to operate. Both opening a folding requires at least two steps to be completed, and the gap between the stem and the main board are still big, besides that, the reliability is not that high. Therefore, we’ve developed an electric scooter folding device that is easier to operate and can be opened or folded with only one step.

The Fourth Core Technology

Advantages of teamwork

Seven years of perseverance and focus have made us a professional team.

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In addition

Market Advantage

In order to prevent others from imitating the new technologies and new products developed by our company,we’ve applied for more than 40 patents related to appearance, new technologies and inventions. As long as a product has the right patent granted, it can be equivalent of having exclusive rights in the market. Determine the ownership relationship of inventions and creations through statutory procedures, so as to effectively protect the achievements of inventions and creations and monopolize the market in exchange for maximum benefits