Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs Kaabo Wolf King GT

on September 03, 2021

Kaabo scooters own the title as the world's fastest electric scooters. Adjectives such as powerful, fast, high performance and aggressiveness always comes to mind when thinking about the brand, and particularly when thinking about the Kaabo insignia models, Wolf King GT and Wolf Warrior.  

If you are a sports enthusiast or an adrenaline addict and you have been thinking about upgrading your current scooter, you may not be sure which Kaabo to choose. Here you will find an overview about both models: Kaabo Wolf King GT and Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT, which will help you to decide the one that best meets your demanding needs. 

Kaabo Wolf King GT 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 

Key Specs  

Top Speed: 100+km/h  

 Maximum Range: 180km  

 Motors: Dual 2000W  

Full Hydraulic Brakes  

50A Sine Wave Controller  

IPX5 Water Resistance Rating 

Key Specs  

 Top Speed: 80+km/h  

Maximum Range: 150km  

Motors: Dual 1200W  

Full Hydraulic Brakes  

 40A Sine Wave Controller  

 IPX5 Water Resistance Rating 


Kaabo Wolf King GT

One of the main features to highlight on this outstanding electric scooter is its unparalleled speed and acceleration, packed with 2000W Dual Motors and 72V 50A Sine Wave Controllers the Wolf King GT has an insane capacity to go from 0-80 km/h in just a few seconds and is capable of top speeds in excess of 100 km per hour. That is so beyond limits! 

This potent beast is also equipped with an innovative full color and Ultra bright 3.5” TFT screen, that will display and easily show vital information about your ride, even under direct sunlight. Plus, the motorcycle grade headlights on the Kaabo Wolf King GT will complement your visibility to offer you a safer ride. 

The Kaabo Wolf King GT boasts a bigger battery consisting of 21700 battery cells and an increased capacity of 35 AH. This will give more range and allows for a maximum of 180 km range. Additionally, the extra charger included with the Wolf King GT will let you charge this huge electric scooter battery in just 7 hours. 

Another important feature is the high-water resistance rating (IPX5) the Wolf King GT has. The redesign of the deck and all new ECU box will protect your device from low-pressure water jets, which will give you peace of mind when caught out riding in wet conditions. However, to have a better understanding of the water-resistance rating on the electric scooter we encourage you to click HERE, as riding in the rain can be dangerous for you and your electric scooter.  

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT

Also listed as one of the best electric scooter in Australia, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT is outfitted with great features that will offer you a fast and comfortable ride. 

This heavyweight electric scooter is powered by 1200W Dual Motors and 40A Sine Wave Controller , therefore the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT can output a total of 5400W of instantaneous power and it can climb hills up to 45° gradient. 

The battery in the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT provides extra power and runtime, letting you get a maximum range of 150 km when riding. 

Like the Kaabo Wolf King GT, this electric scooter also offers the same water resistance capacity as the more expensive Wolf King GT. This IPX5 rating means you no longer have to worry if you get caught out in the rain or accidentally ride over a small puddle. But as we mentioned before, always be cautious when deciding to take your electric scooter for a ride in any wet conditions. 

Finally, both the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT and the Wolf King GT feature top-of-the-line full-hydraulic brakes which offers you smooth, confident stopping power. 


As you can clearly see, it makes sense that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 had earned the title as the world’s best electric scooter. The brutal acceleration, speed, range, and smart features made it the obvious choice for those who want to own the best of the electric scooter world.

Now these brand new Kaabo Wolf GT models are set to further push the boundaries of what is possible in electric scooter performance and design.