How to take care your electric scooter: Kaabo

on September 03, 2021

Like any other vehicle, proper use and maintenance of the electric scooter is vital to give it a long-lasting life. Here we will highlight the most common actions you should practice to keep your Kaabo electric scooter healthy and powerful for its entire lifetime. 


Wipe your scooter

As simple as it sounds, just regularly wiping down the shell of your scooter is the start to maintaining the shape of your Kaabo. After every ride, your scooter may get splashes of water or damaging agents like salt and dust. These may eventually act as a corrosive element and could destroy components of the electric scooter. A microfiber cloth or even an old piece of a towel will just do fine to clean your Kaabo after you finish your ride.

But remember, do not clean your electric scooter with a very wet cloth, as this might damage the sensitive electric components. 


Preserve the life of your battery

The battery of your electric scooter is possibly the most important part of your Kaabo, which also reflects it in its price. The reason why you should always do your best to maintain the health of the battery.

Let’s start by saying it is vital that you don’t charge your electric scooter as soon as you finish your ride. Let it finish cool down and be sure it’s completely dry before you charge it. 

Also, we recommend you not let your Kaabo scooter completely discharge to charge it again. The best tip to do is to give your electric scooter a little charge every so often. 

Plus, have always in mind that if you intend not to use your Kaabo electric scooter for a long period (more than a month) the best thing to do is to fully charge it before you store it. This way you would avoid possible damages that could come from having the battery discharge for too long. 

Finally, if you start noticing that your scooter starts to slow down, this is possible a sign that you need to replace the battery. Always check with an Authorised Kaabo Repair Centre if you are unsure of what to do.  


Keep that pressure!

Check your tyres every week and make sure the pressure is correct. To find out the right pressure, you will find the manufacturers recommendation on the sidewall of the tyre. Checking and adjusting this will ensure that your scooter is safe to ride. Remember, riding with low pressure will negatively affect the performance and lifespan of the electric scooter tyres.  


Don’t forget the brakes

We all agree how critical brakes are to have a safe and comfortable ride. For this reason you can never forget to look after them.

Firstly, you need to be aware of the type of braking system your electric scooter has. This will ensure you know what type of maintenance they require. 

Kaabo use three main braking systems, mechanical, semi-hydraulic and full hydraulic disc. These can be found in the front and rear wheels of the scooter. As a rule, make sure the brakes are clear and clean, this will ensure the electric scooter can perform its best braking power possible. 

As said before, depending on the braking system and its components (disc, cables, caliper) the maintenance could vary, if you are unsure always check the manual or visit a Certified Kaabo Centre. 


Extra tips

Even though they might sound like common sense, following these extra tips will help to preserve the life of your Kaabo electric scooter: 
  •  Store your electric scooter indoors, away from water and dust. 
  • Do not unscrew or manipulate any parts of your Kaabo, this could result in a catastrophic failure which will be not covered by the warranty. 
  • If you need to get a major repair or service done, always visit an Authorised Kaabo Repair Centre. Find your local one HERE.